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Sunday, May 3, 2009

efusjon Video Links

The following links will take you to efusjon videos that will help you to learn more about the efusjon energy club!

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What Is efusjon?

efusjon is a brand new, healthy alternative to current energy drinks on the market. efusjon has decided to market their product through social networking. You can only get efusjon products through a distributor, or by becoming a distributor yourself. Here's the best part: once you become an efusjon distributor and become qualified (sign three other distributors), you can GET PAID to drink these great energy drinks. It truly is that easy.

"How much can I get paid?' you ask. The answer is anywhere from $15 a month, up to $668,000 a month. How is this possible? Payouts are determined upon you own personal Power of Three Matrix. You can view the Matrix at: www.efusjon.com/itsgoodforyou. Click on the link: Get Paid.

For all distributors falling directly into your matrix, you will receive 4.25% of their total purchase volume. So if each distributor is purchasing a monthly supply, that works out to be about $5.10 in your favor, per distributor. You will also receive payment from any distributor who falls into your community matrix overlap. Payment on any overlapping distributors is paid out at 1% (that's about $1.20 per overlapping distributor).

This Power of Three Matrix is incredible, and it's patented. No other social networking company can ever use this payout method again. It is a system that encourages distributors to work together, rather than compete with one another.

Another great thing about efusjon is that it is a viable product. It is cornering the market of an industry that is in need of a healthy alternative. Two efusjon products are currently available: RAW: a non-caffinated energy drink with Acai Berry, and EDGE: a caffinated energy drink with Acai Berry. To see all RAW and EDGE ingredients go to: www.efusjon.com/itsgoodforyou

What if I don't drink energy drinks? Here's the beauty, you can sell your efusjon product to others to make a profit, on top of the profit you are already making for being a member of the club!

Need more reasons to look into efusjon as a way to supplement your income? Here are just a few:

1. efusjon is set to launch on Facebook in a few weeks. This is going to be HUGE! You will receive an efusjon game applet that is tied to your personal distributor number. As you send the applet on to friends and family, and they send it on to their contacts, anyone who becomes an efusjon distributor will directly be tied into your matrix. Remember, you get paid 4.25% on total volume sales for anyone who falls directly into your matrix.

Test runs of the applet showed 30,000 people trying to sign up for efusjon in 2 hours! Get in now, as efusjon has just brushed the surface of 4 Mountain West states. It's gaining speed, and will be brought into Canada next!

2. efusjon also has two other energy drinks to launch in the near future. DAWN: with Quercetin, and BREEZE: with Mangosteen. So many choices to help you stay energized!

3. Social networking that encourages people to work together to become successful! This is especially great for women and men who love to socialize! You can introduce people you know to a great product, and help them achieve financial success as well!

4. The Power of Three Matrix is solid. If a member of your matrix drops their spot for some reason, then you get first choice of who will fill their spot. The new distributor will feel like they have won the lottery! Literally. The new distributor will inherit all of the existing distributors under their new spot! All they have to do is sign their three new distributors to become qualified for payment.

5. efusjon is backed by: Mark Zurkerburg (Founder of Facebook), Derek Broes (Senior VP of Paramount Pictures), and Loren Middag (Director of Functional Capacity Evaluations for: Sysco, Merci-Air, Pepsi, and Taco Bell). Big names are backing this company!

6. Why social marketing? efusjon had decided that instead of paying big advertisers to market their product, they would place 50% of their earnings back into their distributors. This will help their product to reach more hands across the United States, Canada, and eventually the World!

Email me and I'll be happy to answer any of your questions about efusjon:


Wishing you success and prosperity!